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Welcome to LaserPro Aesthetics

The journey to true confidence begins with a single step.  When you are confident on the inside, it radiates through to everything you do and how you show up in your life. At LaserPro Aesthetics , we’re ready to take that journey with you. We believe everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin, experiencing their treatments in a safe environment with a team of highly trained experts they can trust.

Sharen Babin

The Heart and Soul of LaserPro Aesthetics

From the beautiful Philippines to the vibrant cultures of Canada, Sharen Babin’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Moving to Canada at the young age of 18, Sharen carried a heart full of dreams, spirit and determination. She blossomed as she embraced motherhood and various roles, searching for her true passion in life.

Over the years, working in environments that lacked empowerment and flexibility, Sharen realized her true calling. A simple lash appointment, became the cornerstone of Sharen’s inspiring journey into the aesthetics industry. Her vision was clear: create a space where care, quality, and connection flourished. So then with the heart of an entrepreneur and the mind of a visionary, Sharen dived deeply into the realms of beauty and care.

Education paved the way: a degree in Information Technology was her starting point and then a certified lash technician in 2017, later embracing the world of laser aesthetics with a certification from Alma Laser in 2023. Every step, fueled by a passion for making people feel beautiful, confident, and cherished.

Philosophy and Approach:

Sharen believes in the power of care and connection. At LaserPro Aesthetics, the philosophy is simple: Every client has their own unique beauty, and every treatment is a masterpiece of rejuvenation and care. Sharen ensures an exceptional client experience, filled with warmth, expertise, and remarkable results.

The next steps, LaserPro Aesthetics:

The idea of LaserPro Aesthetics was a blend of timing, insight, and passion. Supported by her network and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sharen took the leap into the future, embracing advanced laser aesthetics. The choice was hard, choosing only the best equipment after extensive research, ensuring LaserPro Aesthetics was a reflection of Sharen’s dream.

Sharen always adds a touch of personal warmth and genuine care to every interaction at LaserPro Aesthetics.


Haley is a certified laser technician, she received her certification from Alma Lasers Academy. Haley brings with her a wealth of experience working one on one with her clients, always ensuring they get the results they are looking for. She is passionate about delivering exceptional care and results for each and every client. Haley’s main priority is to ensure her clients are happy, confident and love the skin they’re in.